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Manufactured homes of today are extremely different than the mobile homes built prior to 1976, which gave rise to the seemingly undying “trailer” stigma. Nothing can be farther from the truth in what this building technology is capable of, especially in terms of its flexibility and affordability – the two main premises that define it and elevate it above and beyond any construction alternative, if you’re looking at a combination of great value and speed of both construction time as well as permit processing!

Code. Built to federal regulations (HUD code) as opposed to local building codes (in CA: CBC), it allows this housing option to supersede local jurisdictions since it’s already state approved, requiring only installation inspection, as opposed to multiple on-site inspections the building itself. They offer great flexibility in terms of square footage, ranging from 400 to over 3,300sq.ft.+ in some cases, but typically built as single, double or 3-section units. They are built in fully assembled sections (with siding and roof) inside climate-controlled factories, away from the elements, and offer countless customizable construction-type options (such as ceiling heights, window and door sizes, interior layout options, architectural exterior features, etc.) and cosmetic-type options (such as various flooring materials, cabinetry, countertops, appliances, contemporary convenience features, etc.). Built on an integrated steel chassis, welded specifically for each home, these homes are state-inspected multiple times throughout all stages of construction as they move down the production line, to ensure proper construction and quality.

Flexibility. Manufactured homes can be installed on either temporary foundation (chattel) in parks as well as private property (as granny units or guest homes) and thus remaining titled as personal property, OR on permanent foundations, thus converting into real property improvements, like traditional site-built homes. Other aspect of their flexibility is in the broad range of finish levels, from super basic shelter-like arrangements (used for temporary housing, worker’s housing, etc.), to mid-range (rentals, granny and guest houses, ADU’s), to elaborate high-end designs of sophisticated architectural scope, both in level of detail and size.

Affordability. Hands-down the most affordable residential building technology on the market today.


Jim L.

I would like to thank you for being with us every step of the way. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Hybrid Prefab Homes. Otis went above and beyond to help us.

Ellie M.

Hi Otis. It was so nice to spend some time with you and Marcin. We think so much of you Otis.  Not only were you great to work with as we were managing our ADU, but we also consider you a very good friend. Take good care.

John P.

The partner team of Hybrid Prefab Homes is very service-oriented. They are very kind. They are very patient. I would highly recommend Marcin with Hybrid Prefab Homes to work with you and or yours. Thank you very kindly for everything you did for me and my family. We are very pleased and very happy with our blessing!


A smooth experience from start to finish. Marcin was very helpful, and really took the time to make sure I understood and was comfortable with the entire process of buying property and setting up a home on it. These people are great to work with, and I would definitely recommend to others.


I purchased and installed my first manufactured home with Marcin and Hybrid Prefab Homes.  I’m happy I did.  Marcin took the time to walk me through the process carefully and educated me along the way so I could make the best decisions possible.  The result was a smooth and predictable process and a finished home that I am delighted with.  I would recommend Marcin and Hybrid Prefab Homes for anyone who is considering constructing a manufactured or modular home.


Marcin is very friendly and professional and was attentive to me every step of the way.  As someone who was unfamiliar with what to expect in a manufactured home purchase, his careful guidance was much appreciated. Also, I was very happy with his recommended contractor for the installation of the home and utilities.  The contractor and his crew did excellent work.  I’m very happy with the purchase and installation of the home and would recommend Marcin highly.

Tom & Gisele

After the 2017 wildfire, we wasted months with regular build contractors and even another hybrid manufacturer. They were all either way beyond what we could afford, didn’t bother to follow-up with a quote, or ignored us completely. But when we met Otis (a neighbor’s referral), he was instantly engaged with our project, providing knowledgeable advice, help, encouragement, and a thorough understanding of the building trades and applicable codes. But best of all, he provided us with a timely, affordable quote with a clear timetable and map to rebuilding our home in the manner and vision we outlined for him at the start of the process.

Janna Sundeyeva

Janna Sundeyeva

Best product, best service, great, really great people.
Still can’t believe this type of people still exist.

Ryan & Katie

Ryan & Katie

We’ve purchased three homes now from Marcin. He’s always been professional, friendly and has made our needs a top priority. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for a modular home.

Sam & Trish

Interiors Gallery

Sam and I were very satisfied with the incredible support we received from Otis. Having no previous experience in building a home we needed a lot of education and support to get us through what can appear to many people as a daunting project. From the first time we met Otis we could sense his honesty and integrity and was impressed with his knowledge and many years of experience.


Installation Gallery

I’m happy to share the very positive customer experience we had with Otis. My spouse and I had been looking at properties in Napa Valley and ended up buying a lot in Calistoga, CA. I can say without hesitation that it was because of Otis’ expertise, professionalism, friendliness, and overall customer service that we opted to go with a prefab home.


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